Provide your employees a healthy financial life

We enable your employees to access a portion of their earned salary without altering your cashflows.

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How does it benefit the employers?

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Increased Retention Rate

On demand salary increases the retention rate of employees by 30%.

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Better Productivity

Strong financial health increases the overall productivity of an employee by 25%

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Attract More Employees

Employers who provide financial benefits to their employees end up attracting 75% more talent compared to their counterparts

How does it work?

Quick & Easy to implement in your organisation

We seamlessly integrate with your payroll system. Every fulfilled request of an on demand salary is updated in your payroll sytem in real time so that it doesn't impact your salary disbursal process.


Easy to use application specifically designed for your employees

Your employees can utilize an easy to use mobile application to transfer a portion of their earned salary to their savings account.


Hassle free disbursal of salaries on pay day.

Every transaction on the application gets updated in your payroll system so that your salary disbursal process doesn't get impacted.


How does it impact your employees?

In case of requirement, people tend to borrow money at high interest rates and get trapped in the vicious cycle of borrowing and repayment. If they can access their salary on demand, it will help them in avoiding that vicious cycle.


Indians have less than ₹5K in emergency fund


Indians live pay cheque to pay cheque


increase in retention rate when employers use Pagaar